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McCall's Patterns

A selection of patterns

McCall's 2149

Description: Various Collared Shirts

McCall's 2149

Description: Various Collared Shirts

McCall's 2329

Description: Skirts

McCall's 2453

Description: 70s Jacket and Dress

McCall's 2607

Description: 80s Mens Clothing

McCall's 2987

Description: 80s Dress and Jumpsuit

McCall's 3436


McCall's 3550

Description: 70s Blouses

McCall's 3663


McCall's 4056

Description: Unisex Collared Button-Up Shirts

McCall's 4586

Description: Women's Western Shirts

McCall's 4642

Description: 70s Dress and Bellbottoms

McCall's 4698

Description: Capes

McCall's 4745

Description: Civil War / Major General

McCall's 4805

Description: Soft hats and hoods

McCall's 4862

Description: Costume Shirts

McCall's 4954


McCall's 5051

Description: Men's Blazer Jacket and Vest

McCall's 5086

Description: 70s Dresses/Tunics

McCall's 5414

Description: Early American Dress

McCall's 5444

Description: Renaissance Costume

McCall's 5500

Description: Tunic (Green Renn Fest)

McCall's 5525

Description: Jackets

McCall's 5525

Description: Jackets

McCall's 5546

Description: 70s Dress/Top

McCall's 5579

Description: 70s Clothing

McCall's 5634

Description: 70s Blazer and Vest

McCall's 5682

Description: Character Costumes

McCall's 5731

Description: Princess Dresses

McCall's 6027


McCall's 6051

Description: Laundry, Kitchen Decor

McCall's 6079

Description: 90s Vest and Pants

McCall's 6097


McCall's 6143

Description: Patriotic Costumes

McCall's 6304

Description: 80s/90s Party Dresses

McCall's 6346

Description: Men's Tops

McCall's 6482

Description: 90s Cardigan, Top, Skirt

McCall's 6578

Description: Show-Me Misses' T-Shirt

McCall's 6701

Description: 70s Skirt

McCall's 6761

Description: 90s Loose Fitting Vest

McCall's 6799

Description: 70s Jacket and Dress

McCall's 6926

Description: 80s Pantsuit/skirt

McCall's 6953

Description: 80s Deep-V Collared Shirts

McCall's 6975

Description: Costume Accessories

McCall's 7000

Description: Frozen Dresses

McCall's 7003

Description: Men's Victorian Outfit

McCall's 7050

Description: Formal Dress - Possible Jupiter Ascending Cosplay

McCall's 7071

Description: Misses' Jacket, Blouse, Skirt

McCall's 7141

Description: Schoolgirl Costumes

McCall's 7176

Description: Costume Accessories

McCall's 7194

Description: Pullover top - RWBY Coco

McCall's 7217

Description: Cosplay bodysuit

McCall's 7296

Description: 80s Jacket, Skirt, Pants

McCall's 7373

Description: Misses Costume Dress

McCall's 7374

Description: Gambit Costume Coat