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Patterns with tag Costumes

A selection of patterns

Burda 2479

Description: Empress/Washerwoman

Burda 7467

Description: Landsknecht Costume (M)

Butterick 3072

Description: Colonial Costume (M)

Butterick 3648

Description: Dickens Costume

Butterick 3906

Description: Costume Dress

Butterick 3993

Description: Pirates: Police Uniforms

Butterick 4254

Description: Historical Corsets

Butterick 4377

Description: Costume Cape and Dress

Butterick 4486

Description: Pirates: Pirate Shirts

Butterick 4827

Description: Medieval Dress

Butterick 4889

Description: Gypsy Costume

Butterick 4954

Description: Pinafore: W Jackets and Skirts

Butterick 4954

Description: Pinafore: W Jackets and Skirts

Butterick 5061

Description: Pirates: Nightgowns

Butterick 5061

Description: Pirates: Nightgowns

Butterick 5161

Description: Crowns

Butterick 5232

Description: Victorian Jacket

Butterick 5233

Description: Historical Footwear

Butterick 5371

Description: Bracers, Corset, Belt, Pouches

Butterick 5580

Description: Pouches and Bags

Butterick 5656

Description: Doublet and Cape

Butterick 5663

Description: Historic headpieces

Butterick 5733

Description: Costume Accessories: Loops, Gloves, Greaves, Pouches, Bracers

Butterick 5936

Description: Costume Accessories: Water Bottle Carrier and Pouches

Butterick 6190

Description: Empire-Waist Costume Dresses (W)

Butterick 6338

Description: Curved-Hem Corsets and Skirts (W)

Butterick 6339

Description: Formal Vests (M)

Butterick 6363

Description: Button-Front Dresses (W)

Butterick 6502

Description: Overcoat and Vest (M)

Butterick 6503

Description: Costume Suit (M)

Butterick 6630

Description: Pirates: Dresses

Butterick 6630

Description: Pirates: Dresses

Butterick 6698

Description: MIkado: Kimonos

Butterick 6698

Description: MIkado: Kimonos

Kwik Sew 2650

Description: Pirates: Major General Nightgown

McCall's 3436


McCall's 3663


McCall's 4698

Description: Capes

McCall's 4745

Description: Civil War / Major General

McCall's 4805

Description: Soft hats and hoods

McCall's 4862

Description: Costume Shirts

McCall's 4954


McCall's 5414

Description: Early American Dress

McCall's 5444

Description: Renaissance Costume

McCall's 5500

Description: Tunic (Green Renn Fest)

McCall's 5682

Description: Character Costumes

McCall's 5731

Description: Princess Dresses

McCall's 6097


McCall's 6143

Description: Patriotic Costumes

McCall's 6975

Description: Costume Accessories

McCall's 7000

Description: Frozen Dresses

McCall's 7003

Description: Men's Victorian Outfit

McCall's 7050

Description: Formal Dress - Possible Jupiter Ascending Cosplay

McCall's 7071

Description: Misses' Jacket, Blouse, Skirt

McCall's 7141

Description: Schoolgirl Costumes

McCall's 7176

Description: Costume Accessories

McCall's 7194

Description: Pullover top - RWBY Coco

McCall's 7217

Description: Cosplay bodysuit

McCall's 7373

Description: Misses Costume Dress

McCall's 7374

Description: Gambit Costume Coat

Simplicity 1008

Description: Pseudomedieval Costume Dress

Simplicity 1039

Description: Steampunk Costume Jacket

Simplicity 1040

Description: Assassins Creed Costumes

Simplicity 1040

Description: Assassins Creed Costumes

Simplicity 1095

Description: Tardis Dress

Simplicity 1294

Description: Misses Capes

Simplicity 1299

Description: Women's Steampunk Costume

Simplicity 1552

Description: Hobbit Dwarf Costumes

Simplicity 1773

Description: Potential Renn Fest Dresses

Simplicity 2154

Description: 1960s Blouse, Skirt, Jacket, Cardigan

Simplicity 2172

Description: Steampunk Coat/Bustier/Skirt

Simplicity 2207

Description: Steampunk Jacket/Skirt

Simplicity 2333

Description: Pirate Coat with Ruffles

Simplicity 2334

Description: Musketeer Costume

Simplicity 2513

Description: Werewolf and Overcoat

Simplicity 2518

Description: Miscellaneous Costume Dresses

Simplicity 2581

Description: Steampunk/Driving Jacket

Simplicity 2589


Simplicity 2851

Description: Pirates: Dress

Simplicity 2851

Description: Western Dresses

Simplicity 2895

Description: Western Outerwear

Simplicity 3623


Simplicity 3647

Description: Greek Togas/Tunics

Simplicity 3688

Description: 1940s Women's Suit

Simplicity 3723


Simplicity 3727

Description: Antebellum Dress

Simplicity 3782

Description: Elizabethan Dresses

Simplicity 4055

Description: Regence Day Dress

Simplicity 4059

Description: Doublet (Green Renn Fest)

Simplicity 4080

Description: Mikado: Kimonos (Unused)

Simplicity 4080

Description: Mikado: Kimonos (Unused)

Simplicity 4083

Description: Overcoat, Vest

Simplicity 4092

Description: Pirates: Dresses

Simplicity 4249


Simplicity 4923

Description: Pirate Costume

Simplicity 4923

Description: Pirates: Pirate King Coat

Simplicity 4940


Simplicity 5359


Simplicity 5840

Description: Jedi/LotR/HP Cloaks & Robes

Simplicity 8195

Description: Joker Costume

Simplicity 8235

Description: Costume Military Coats

Simplicity 8238

Description: Capes

Simplicity 8913

Description: Scottish Kilt and Drape

Simplicity 9225

Description: Regency Day Dresses

Simplicity 9966

Description: Pirates: Ruth Pirate Outfit