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Patterns with tag Vintage

A selection of patterns

Butterick 5310

Description: 60s Blouse and Dress

Butterick 5354

Description: 60s Jacket, Skirt, Vest, Pants

Butterick 5478

Description: 60s Blouse and Loose Pants

Butterick 6582

Description: 60s Dress

Butterick 6852

Description: 60s Dresses

McCall's 2453

Description: 70s Jacket and Dress

McCall's 2607

Description: 80s Mens Clothing

McCall's 2987

Description: 80s Dress and Jumpsuit

McCall's 3550

Description: 70s Blouses

McCall's 4642

Description: 70s Dress and Bellbottoms

McCall's 5051

Description: Men's Blazer Jacket and Vest

McCall's 5086

Description: 70s Dresses/Tunics

McCall's 5546

Description: 70s Dress/Top

McCall's 5579

Description: 70s Clothing

McCall's 5634

Description: 70s Blazer and Vest

McCall's 6346

Description: Men's Tops

McCall's 6701

Description: 70s Skirt

McCall's 6799

Description: 70s Jacket and Dress

McCall's 6926

Description: 80s Pantsuit/skirt

McCall's 6953

Description: 80s Deep-V Collared Shirts

McCall's 7296

Description: 80s Jacket, Skirt, Pants

Simplicity 3619

Description: 20s Evening Gown

Simplicity 5015

Description: Vintage Hippy Dress

Simplicity 5292

Description: 70s Dress, Tunic, Pants

Simplicity 5430

Description: 70s Dress

Simplicity 5510

Description: 80s Pullover Tops

Simplicity 5732

Description: 70s Dress

Simplicity 5755

Description: 70s Dress

Simplicity 5920

Description: 80s Casual Clothing

Simplicity 6081

Description: 70s Two-Piece Short Dress

Simplicity 6234

Description: 80s Skirt

Simplicity 6250

Description: 80s Skirt

Simplicity 6275

Description: 80s Dress and Belt

Simplicity 6405

Description: 70s Pantsuit

Simplicity 6688

Description: 60s Suit and Vest

Simplicity 7000

Description: 80s Skirt and Jacket

Simplicity 7093

Description: 70s Dress, Top, Pants

Simplicity 7263

Description: 70s Dress, Top, Pants

Simplicity 7503

Description: 80s Blouson Dress

Simplicity 7604

Description: 80s Gored Skirts

Simplicity 7679

Description: 80s Skirt with gathered waist

Simplicity 7698

Description: Men's Shirt

Simplicity 7741

Description: Men's Robe

Simplicity 8345

Description: 60s Jumper/Blouse

Simplicity 8726

Description: 80s Duster Coat

Simplicity 8972

Description: 70s Dress and Sash

Simplicity 9171

Description: Unisex Shorts, Pants

Simplicity 9467

Description: 80s Pullover Top

Simplicity 9739

Description: 80s Pullover Top

Simplicity 9793

Description: 80s Vests

Simplicity 9912

Description: 70s Dress

Simplicity 9994

Description: 80s Pullover Top

Vogue 2123

Description: 80s maternity clothing

Vogue 2218

Description: 60s dresses, bellbottoms

Vogue 2476

Description: 40s jacket, skirt

Vogue 7340

Description: 80s Pantsuit/skirt

Vogue 9152

Description: 80s Top and Skirt

Vogue 9369

Description: 80s Dress

Vogue 9576

Description: 80s Dress