124Amy Butler AB027BHBlue Sky HatsFiling Cabinet
59Burda 2479Empress/WasherwomanFiling Cabinet
73Burda 3398Casual Sports Jacket (M)Filing Cabinet
74Burda 7419Casual Winter Jackets (M)Filing Cabinet
7Burda 7467Landsknecht Costume (M)Filing Cabinet
75Burda 7523Sports Jacket (M)Filing Cabinet
76Burda 7616Trousers/Slacks (M)Filing Cabinet
77Burda 7617Casual Jacket/Hooded Jacket (M)Filing Cabinet
41Burda 7647Filing Cabinet
79Burda 7704JacketFiling Cabinet
80Burda 7767Oxford Shirt/Tux ShirtFiling Cabinet
81Burda 7780Trench CoatFiling Cabinet
78Burda 7841TrousersFiling Cabinet
102Burda 7842Suit JacketProject Box (Living Room)
104Burda 8137Patron Party Dress '11Filing Cabinet
82Burda 8186Suit/VestFiling Cabinet
83Burda 8275Trench CoatFiling Cabinet
269Butterick 3072Colonial Costume (M)Filing Cabinet
8Butterick 3648Dickens CostumeFiling Cabinet
125Butterick 3906Costume DressFiling Cabinet
85Butterick 3993Pirates: Police UniformsFiling Cabinet
60Butterick 4254Historical CorsetsFiling Cabinet
126Butterick 4377Costume Cape and DressFiling Cabinet
86Butterick 4486Pirates: Pirate ShirtsFiling Cabinet
36Butterick 4657DressFiling Cabinet
127Butterick 4827Medieval DressFiling Cabinet
128Butterick 4889Gypsy CostumeFiling Cabinet
87Butterick 4954Pinafore: W Jackets and SkirtsFiling Cabinet
88Butterick 4954Pinafore: W Jackets and SkirtsFiling Cabinet
142Butterick 5047Jacket with shirt and skirtFiling Cabinet
89Butterick 5061Pirates: NightgownsFiling Cabinet
90Butterick 5061Pirates: NightgownsFiling Cabinet
106Butterick 5161CrownsFiling Cabinet
61Butterick 5232Victorian JacketFiling Cabinet
38Butterick 5233Historical FootwearFiling Cabinet
118Butterick 5281DressFiling Cabinet
131Butterick 531060s Blouse and DressFiling Cabinet
166Butterick 5315Dress and BeltFiling Cabinet
167Butterick 5318DressFiling Cabinet
134Butterick 535460s Jacket, Skirt, Vest, PantsFiling Cabinet
121Butterick 5371Bracers, Corset, Belt, PouchesFiling Cabinet
133Butterick 5383DressFiling Cabinet
42Butterick 5384Filing Cabinet
132Butterick 5385DressFiling Cabinet
35Butterick 5461Filing Cabinet
130Butterick 547860s Blouse and Loose PantsFiling Cabinet
117Butterick 5576ClutchesFiling Cabinet
1Butterick 5580Pouches and BagsFiling Cabinet
119Butterick 5603DressesFiling Cabinet
120Butterick 5623Storage BoxesFiling Cabinet
9Butterick 5656Doublet and CapeFiling Cabinet
116Butterick 5663Historic headpiecesFiling Cabinet
271Butterick 5733Costume Accessories: Loops, Gloves, Greaves, Pouches, BracersFiling Cabinet
270Butterick 5936Costume Accessories: Water Bottle Carrier and PouchesFiling Cabinet
275Butterick 6190Empire-Waist Costume Dresses (W)Filing Cabinet
278Butterick 6318Tie-Waist Dresses (W)Filing Cabinet
276Butterick 6338Curved-Hem Corsets and Skirts (W)Filing Cabinet
272Butterick 6339Formal Vests (M)Filing Cabinet
277Butterick 6363Button-Front Dresses (W)Filing Cabinet
274Butterick 6502Overcoat and Vest (M)Filing Cabinet
273Butterick 6503Costume Suit (M)Filing Cabinet
168Butterick 658260s DressFiling Cabinet
43Butterick 658260s DressFiling Cabinet
129Butterick 6630Pirates: DressesFiling Cabinet
91Butterick 6630Pirates: DressesFiling Cabinet
92Butterick 6698MIkado: KimonosFiling Cabinet
93Butterick 6698MIkado: KimonosFiling Cabinet
169Butterick 685260s DressesFiling Cabinet
254Cherry Blossoms CB110Owl Be Home for Christmas Quilting PatternFiling Cabinet
220Kwik Sew 1674SweatshirtFiling Cabinet
94Kwik Sew 2650Pirates: Major General NightgownFiling Cabinet
84McCall's 2149Various Collared ShirtsFiling Cabinet
113McCall's 2149Various Collared ShirtsFiling Cabinet
177McCall's 2329SkirtsFiling Cabinet
221McCall's 245370s Jacket and DressFiling Cabinet
223McCall's 260780s Mens ClothingFiling Cabinet
178McCall's 298780s Dress and JumpsuitFiling Cabinet
62McCall's 3436Filing Cabinet
222McCall's 355070s BlousesFiling Cabinet
63McCall's 3663Filing Cabinet
224McCall's 4056Unisex Collared Button-Up ShirtsFiling Cabinet
225McCall's 4586Women's Western ShirtsFiling Cabinet
226McCall's 464270s Dress and BellbottomsFiling Cabinet
217McCall's 4698CapesFiling Cabinet
10McCall's 4745Civil War / Major GeneralFiling Cabinet
11McCall's 4805Soft hats and hoodsFiling Cabinet
216McCall's 4862Costume ShirtsFiling Cabinet
64McCall's 4954Project Box (Living Room)
183McCall's 5051Men's Blazer Jacket and VestFiling Cabinet
182McCall's 508670s Dresses/TunicsFiling Cabinet
215McCall's 5414Early American DressFiling Cabinet
179McCall's 5444Renaissance CostumeFiling Cabinet
12McCall's 5500Tunic (Green Renn Fest)Filing Cabinet
184McCall's 5525JacketsFiling Cabinet
185McCall's 5525JacketsFiling Cabinet
214McCall's 554670s Dress/TopFiling Cabinet
212McCall's 557970s ClothingFiling Cabinet
211McCall's 563470s Blazer and VestFiling Cabinet
219McCall's 5682Character CostumesFiling Cabinet
218McCall's 5731Princess DressesFiling Cabinet
44McCall's 6027Filing Cabinet
148McCall's 6051Laundry, Kitchen DecorFiling Cabinet
213McCall's 607990s Vest and PantsFiling Cabinet
65McCall's 6097Filing Cabinet
13McCall's 6143Patriotic CostumesFiling Cabinet
180McCall's 630480s/90s Party DressesFiling Cabinet
137McCall's 6346Men's TopsFiling Cabinet
147McCall's 648290s Cardigan, Top, SkirtFiling Cabinet
135McCall's 6578Show-Me Misses' T-ShirtFiling Cabinet
151McCall's 670170s SkirtFiling Cabinet
149McCall's 676190s Loose Fitting VestFiling Cabinet
181McCall's 679970s Jacket and DressFiling Cabinet
153McCall's 692680s Pantsuit/skirtFiling Cabinet
152McCall's 695380s Deep-V Collared ShirtsFiling Cabinet
266McCall's 6975Costume AccessoriesFiling Cabinet
234McCall's 7000Frozen DressesFiling Cabinet
238McCall's 7003Men's Victorian OutfitFiling Cabinet
236McCall's 7050Formal Dress - Possible Jupiter Ascending CosplayFiling Cabinet
253McCall's 7071Misses' Jacket, Blouse, SkirtFiling Cabinet
237McCall's 7141Schoolgirl CostumesFiling Cabinet
267McCall's 7176Costume AccessoriesFiling Cabinet
235McCall's 7194Pullover top - RWBY CocoFiling Cabinet
239McCall's 7217Cosplay bodysuitFiling Cabinet
136McCall's 729680s Jacket, Skirt, PantsFiling Cabinet
258McCall's 7373Misses Costume DressFiling Cabinet
268McCall's 7374Gambit Costume CoatFiling Cabinet
45New Look 6480Filing Cabinet
108New Look 6699Project Box (Living Room)
46New Look 6802Filing Cabinet
139See & Sew 5169Dress with BeltFiling Cabinet
140See & Sew 518090s Blouse and SkirtFiling Cabinet
165See & Sew 5378Jacket and DressFiling Cabinet
138See & Sew 6325Jacket, Skirt, TopFiling Cabinet
263Simplicity 1008Pseudomedieval Costume DressFiling Cabinet
240Simplicity 1039Steampunk Costume JacketFiling Cabinet
247Simplicity 1040Assassins Creed CostumesFiling Cabinet
259Simplicity 1040Assassins Creed CostumesFiling Cabinet
264Simplicity 1095Tardis DressFiling Cabinet
248Simplicity 1167Misses Jacket, Shorts, TopFiling Cabinet
256Simplicity 1294Misses CapesFiling Cabinet
249Simplicity 1299Women's Steampunk CostumeFiling Cabinet
229Simplicity 1356
230Simplicity 1552Hobbit Dwarf CostumesFiling Cabinet
231Simplicity 1773Potential Renn Fest DressesFiling Cabinet
232Simplicity 21541960s Blouse, Skirt, Jacket, CardiganFiling Cabinet
186Simplicity 2172Steampunk Coat/Bustier/SkirtFiling Cabinet
187Simplicity 2207Steampunk Jacket/SkirtFiling Cabinet
188Simplicity 2252Evening DressFiling Cabinet
189Simplicity 2253Evening DressFiling Cabinet
14Simplicity 2333Pirate Coat with RufflesFiling Cabinet
15Simplicity 2334Musketeer CostumeFiling Cabinet
47Simplicity 2337Filing Cabinet
250Simplicity 2451SkirtsFiling Cabinet
48Simplicity 2475Filing Cabinet
103Simplicity 2494HatsProject Box (Living Room)
16Simplicity 2513Werewolf and OvercoatFiling Cabinet
191Simplicity 2518Miscellaneous Costume DressesFiling Cabinet
190Simplicity 2556Women's VestsFiling Cabinet
17Simplicity 2581Steampunk/Driving JacketFiling Cabinet
66Simplicity 2589Filing Cabinet
49Simplicity 2655Filing Cabinet
50Simplicity 2700Filing Cabinet
51Simplicity 2728Filing Cabinet
112Simplicity 2812Project Box (Living Room)
109Simplicity 2848Project Box (Living Room)
95Simplicity 2851Pirates: DressFiling Cabinet
163Simplicity 2851Western DressesFiling Cabinet
3Simplicity 2870Project Runway VestsFiling Cabinet
18Simplicity 2895Western OuterwearFiling Cabinet
52Simplicity 2927Filing Cabinet
96Simplicity 2956Trial: DressesFiling Cabinet
53Simplicity 2966CorsetsFiling Cabinet
161Simplicity 361920s Evening GownFiling Cabinet
67Simplicity 3623Filing Cabinet
19Simplicity 3647Greek Togas/TunicsFiling Cabinet
233Simplicity 36881940s Women's SuitFiling Cabinet
68Simplicity 3723Filing Cabinet
164Simplicity 3727Antebellum DressFiling Cabinet
69Simplicity 3782Elizabethan DressesFiling Cabinet
54Simplicity 3823Filing Cabinet
105Simplicity 3852Hawaiian ShirtsProject Bag (Closet)
160Simplicity 3878Jessica McClintock Party DressFiling Cabinet
55Simplicity 3921Filing Cabinet
257Simplicity 4055Regence Day DressFiling Cabinet
20Simplicity 4059Doublet (Green Renn Fest)Filing Cabinet
37Simplicity 4070Filing Cabinet
97Simplicity 4080Mikado: Kimonos (Unused)Filing Cabinet
98Simplicity 4080Mikado: Kimonos (Unused)Filing Cabinet
21Simplicity 4083Overcoat, VestFiling Cabinet
99Simplicity 4092Pirates: DressesFiling Cabinet
70Simplicity 4249Filing Cabinet
39Simplicity 4263BagsFiling Cabinet
40Simplicity 4391Bags and CasesFiling Cabinet
4Simplicity 4762Vests/TiesFiling Cabinet
22Simplicity 4923Pirate CostumeFiling Cabinet
100Simplicity 4923Pirates: Pirate King CoatFiling Cabinet
71Simplicity 4940Filing Cabinet
34Simplicity 5015Vintage Hippy DressFiling Cabinet
156Simplicity 529270s Dress, Tunic, PantsFiling Cabinet
72Simplicity 5359Filing Cabinet
199Simplicity 543070s DressFiling Cabinet
198Simplicity 551080s Pullover TopsFiling Cabinet
157Simplicity 573270s DressFiling Cabinet
158Simplicity 575570s DressFiling Cabinet
23Simplicity 5840Jedi/LotR/HP Cloaks & RobesFiling Cabinet
159Simplicity 592080s Casual ClothingFiling Cabinet
174Simplicity 608170s Two-Piece Short DressFiling Cabinet
204Simplicity 623480s SkirtFiling Cabinet
205Simplicity 625080s SkirtFiling Cabinet
206Simplicity 627580s Dress and BeltFiling Cabinet
173Simplicity 640570s PantsuitFiling Cabinet
202Simplicity 668860s Suit and VestFiling Cabinet
195Simplicity 700080s Skirt and JacketFiling Cabinet
170Simplicity 709370s Dress, Top, PantsFiling Cabinet
154Simplicity 726370s Dress, Top, PantsFiling Cabinet
200Simplicity 750380s Blouson DressFiling Cabinet
201Simplicity 760480s Gored SkirtsFiling Cabinet
203Simplicity 767980s Skirt with gathered waistFiling Cabinet
194Simplicity 7698Men's ShirtFiling Cabinet
192Simplicity 7741Men's RobeFiling Cabinet
260Simplicity 8023Vests, Ties, CummerbundsFiling Cabinet
262Simplicity 8195Joker CostumeFiling Cabinet
265Simplicity 8235Costume Military CoatsFiling Cabinet
261Simplicity 8238CapesFiling Cabinet
196Simplicity 834560s Jumper/BlouseFiling Cabinet
155Simplicity 872680s Duster CoatFiling Cabinet
24Simplicity 8913Scottish Kilt and DrapeFiling Cabinet
172Simplicity 897270s Dress and SashFiling Cabinet
193Simplicity 9057Unisex ShortsFiling Cabinet
207Simplicity 9171Unisex Shorts, PantsFiling Cabinet
143Simplicity 9225Regency Day DressesFiling Cabinet
171Simplicity 946780s Pullover TopFiling Cabinet
208Simplicity 973980s Pullover TopFiling Cabinet
209Simplicity 979380s VestsFiling Cabinet
197Simplicity 991270s DressFiling Cabinet
101Simplicity 9966Pirates: Ruth Pirate OutfitFiling Cabinet
210Simplicity 999480s Pullover TopFiling Cabinet
227Style 2570DressesFiling Cabinet
29Vogue 1016Vogue Oversized Box
30Vogue 1080Patron Party Dress '10Vogue Oversized Box
32Vogue 1094Vogue Oversized Box
27Vogue 1136Vogue Oversized Box
146Vogue 212380s maternity clothingVogue Oversized Box
144Vogue 221860s dresses, bellbottomsVogue Oversized Box
25Vogue 2383Tuxedo Jacket & PantsVogue Oversized Box
145Vogue 247640s jacket, skirtVogue Oversized Box
255Vogue 2703Homecoming 2002 DressVogue Oversized Box
26Vogue 2836Suit & PantsVogue Oversized Box
107Vogue 2899Project Box (Living Room)
31Vogue 2961Vogue Oversized Box
28Vogue 2964Vogue Oversized Box
2Vogue 7104Ascots, Ties, CummberbundsFiling Cabinet
141Vogue 734080s Pantsuit/skirtFiling Cabinet
5Vogue 7488Formal VestsFiling Cabinet
56Vogue 7997Filing Cabinet
6Vogue 8048Formal Vests and TiesFiling Cabinet
111Vogue 8052Vintage HatsFiling Cabinet
33Vogue 8242Filing Cabinet
57Vogue 8346Filing Cabinet
58Vogue 8473Filing Cabinet
122Vogue 8681Filing Cabinet
123Vogue 8704Filing Cabinet
114Vogue 8728Filing Cabinet
115Vogue 8729Filing Cabinet
251Vogue 8988Men's Jacket and PantsFiling Cabinet
252Vogue 9073Men's Formal AccessoriesFiling Cabinet
176Vogue 915280s Top and SkirtFiling Cabinet
175Vogue 936980s DressFiling Cabinet
228Vogue 957680s DressFiling Cabinet